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5-in-1 Chakra Healing Body Chain Transformer ✨Siren's Glow✨

 $ 369 


Elegant. Sensual. Compelling.✨

Elevate your look to new heights with our 5-in-1 Chakra Healing Body Chain Transformer ✨Siren's Glow✨. An ideal selection for those seeking to enhance their fashion with distinctive and captivating adornments, this set establishes a magnificent expression of opulence.
Elegant, sensual, and endlessly compelling, this stunning piece features natural stones such striking druzy agate slice and black matte agate gemstones, located on your chakra points to promote healing and balance on both the front and back of your body, from your throat and heart to your solar plexus and sacral chakra.

Our high-quality 18k gold-plated accessories create an extra level of compelling luxury, empowering you to wear this transformer both on top and under your clothes, as one spectacular body chain or as 5 separate pieces (choker, necklace, upper body chain, bracelet and belly chain)

Take it anywhere, from the beach to the red carpet, from the bedroom to the office, and feel your body and spirit transform. Treat yourself to the ultimate expression of elegance with ✨Siren's Glow✨

But that's not all - FellFromTheStar jewelry comes in a festive package that is perfectly made for a sophisticated gift. The package includes a  a personalized affirmation note and a surprise-gift.

Send email to If you have any questions 💜

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