While spirituality teaches people to dissolve the ego, psychology stands for strengthening it. As a Psychologist and Spiritual Awakening coach, I stand for a balanced integrative holistic approach to self-identification as a fundament for your overall wellbeing. 


What are your true wants and needs? What are your natural unique qualities and behaviors? And what are those that have been imposed by the current era socialization process? There are hidden parts to your identity that are wanting to be seen and loved. There is some integration work to do and wholeness to experience ❤︎  


Using Metaphorical Associative Cards opens your mind to multidimensional perceptions of yourself and life at large. No matter where you are on your self-awareness journey, expect to obtain a fresh sense of clarity, direction and lots of useful epiphanies and realizations. We are going on an adventurous journey into your subconscious world that holds all your answers and speaks in an abstract metaphoric language. 

I invite you to play a 2-hour one-on-one Self - Discovery Game where you are going to UNDERSTAND, LOVE and ACCEPT yourself on a whole new level. At the end of the game you will receive a file of your journey - review it later with a fresh perspective to discover even more insights. You will continue to find benefits and answers to your questions long after the session is done.

This session is donation-based in favor of Sunny City - a children charitable fund that I am a part of. After the booking you will be asked to place a donation in the amount of 99$ before the scheduled date. 100% of your payment will go to Sunny City - this is my way of contributing to the creation of the world with new ecological, healthy and supportive systems.

Let’s build a caring world we all want to live in!