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  Tools, Freebies and  Wisdom Jewels  
  for your Mental & Emotional Wellbeing and  
  connection to your Spiritual Higher Self  

What makes up your UNIQUENESS and why EACH PERSON is a SLEEPING GENIUS? The positive side to your traumas and what unique JEWELS from YOUR TRAUMAS shape up your inner genius. How traumas open us up to PSYCHIC ADVANCEMENT? How to let your CREATIVITY flow through balancing the polarities within? Why BALANCE is a fundamental TRAMPOLINE for your genius? How to strengthen your relationship with your INTUITION? How to BE YOUR OWN GURU in the abundance of knowledge and gurus in this world?
This is a free downloadable mental health emergency aid and self-discovery worksheet for self-therapy and deep self-knowledge.  Therapy resources for breakdown, rising anxiety or panic attack. Simple yet profound therapy tools and therapy questions with help with self healing, self-care and self-love.  Free therapy counseling tools, tips and worksheets aim to help individuals in changing their cognitions to help deal with challenging situations and deeper understanding of themselves. #freebie
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