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"Sunny City" is a children charitable fund that I choose to be a part of.  One small action can change a child's life!

       Sunny City is a children charitable fund that I choose to support, as one of the most trustworthy, efficient and modern / forward thinking charitable organizations, and I am proud to be a part of this lovely community.

       Since 2007, on a daily basis, they deal with the problems of children left without parental care, foster families and families in difficult life situations. Today the foundation effectively unites the efforts of hundreds of people who participate in various charitable programs in 31 regions across Eurasia


       Beside helping to raise money for Sunny City, I volunteer in one of their 15 long-term projects. This project helps prepare orphanage teenagers for an independent adult life. It gives teenagers without families a chance to have someone outside of orphan house to help them navigate through life.


       We are all social beings and literally every person on earth deep inside wishes to uplift, contribute and do something good. Together we can do much more good deeds, also isn't it true - that when we help others we help ourselves too?  

Whether you've had a Self-Discovery Game, or just generally wish to contribute, you are welcome to follow the button above.

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