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4-in-1 Jewelry
Transformer Set

 $ 257 

Set includes 4 pendants & 4 half-chains. Necklace length is 17 inches (44cm)


Bright. Sophisticated. Original.

4-in-1 Jewelry Transformer Set ✨RAW✨ is crafted with the finest natural druzy stones and high-quality 18k gold-plated chains and accessories, adding a touch of sophistication to your look. This set is a perfect choice for anyone who loves to elevate their style with unique and eye-catching jewelry.

The stunning hues and patterns of the raw druzy stones create a beautiful and captivating display, making each necklace combination a statement piece on its own. Natural semiprecious stones are more than just beautiful adornments, they also possess healing and protective properties that can align with your own frequency, promoting well-being in your life.

With 4-in-1 Jewelry Transformer Set, you'll have access to a variety of natural stones including quartz, agate, pearl, and tourmaline. Over time, you'll intuitively pick the jewelry combination that resonates with you for the day. For example pearl is known for its ability to cultivate femininity, while agate enhances mental function and improves concentration. This means that not only will you look great, but you'll also be benefiting from the powerful properties of these natural stones.

This set includes 4 pendants and 4 trendy half-chains, you can also wear necklaces without pendants, or use chains as bracelets ✨

But that's not all - FellFromTheStar jewelry comes in a festive package that is perfectly made for a sophisticated gift. The package includes a  a personalized affirmation note and a surprise-gift.

Invest in quality and elevate your style with ✨RAW✨ that will sure turn heads on you and make you feel beautiful, confident and luxurious.

Send email to If you have any questions 💜

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