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What a joyful life! You are in touch with your higher version that is being guiding you (consciously or not). You are seeing life through the lenses of acceptance. Your vibration continues to rise, however there is something that holds you within your old paradigm. You are most likely aware of what it is and you know what you need to do or stop doing to align further.


Magic of life awaits for you to open your body energetically to receive even more of your higher vibrations to then further ground it in physical reality. For that, tune into the state of relaxation a little more often. Spend time outside of your thoughts. Connect through the silence of your mind. Relaxation comes hand in hand with productivity.


That state of relaxation is your resetting point where you need to come back to throughout the day. The gap between relaxation and effort would allow you to close in on an ongoing beautiful dance with life.

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