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Magic doesn’t visit you too often. You might feel depressed or just generally bored and apathetic. You are out of touch with your true desires or they just seem too big to even think about them without pain. You probably feel stuck in a situation you find hard to get out of. Life has lost it’s colors to the point you have become rigid and cynical.


Behind all that is pain. You either feel it on the very surface or are closed off from feeling it all together.


However, please know that this state is not set in stone. Re-alignment is actually easy, what’s more difficult is letting go of resistance. This energy frames us to keep us within certain vibrations. Train yourself to be in ongoing contact with your higher self / intuition. That requires your attentive awareness in your every moment and every tiny decision.


Your whole being craves for a breakthrough. It’s time to radically shift some core beliefs about yourself and life in general.

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