We are living in tough times huh? How are you?

I think there are only a very few people on Earth who don’t think our world has gone mad… what do you think? We live in intense times! Today, technology forces people to live in an ultra-connected way. It is a closeness and availability we have never seen before in human history, yet at the same time we are in a way more separated than ever!

Depression, social anxiety, and failed marriages are very common now, and now we even have social distancing.

Statistics show that mental health disorders are much more common than before, but why is it happening and what are the reasons? The core reason for mental destruction in today’s world is a huge gap between how far economical and industrial development reaches and how slow the human body, brain and psyche naturally evolves.

Main reason there are more mental health issues in our world is because the human body and brain are not designed to receive the amount of information we receive every day. It’s not an intelligence issue. It is an issue on the level of natural evolution of human body, brain and nervous system.

The human being is the most genius and complex self-regulatory system when compared to ANYTHING that will ever be created. Your brain is genius and we will probably never be able to use it in a full capacity.

Does this mean is your body failing you? NO!! I wouldn’t put it that way because your body always knows what it needs. The problem is our inability to truly hear it and act on whatever it is saying.

Just as any complex system needs an environment to work properly, so do we. And our world is in a chaotic state with an unlimited amount of options of where we can place our focus. FOCUS IS YOUR MAIN HUMAN SUPERPOWER. To use this superpower you must understand the consequences of where you directing this focus.

Imagine for a second that there is no more past and no certain future. Every second of life takes place NOW. It is the only moment we have any power in our lives.

These days we are over-loaded with lots of information, content, news, drama, events, social media sharing, and commercials. Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, and even though it does open up doors to different possibilities it is complicating our lives too. As a result, everything is speeding up. The speed of life has never been this fast, and so the need to slow down our minds has never been greater. Society has never seen the rates of suicide, divorce, or in family tragedy like we do today. The reason isn’t the wars going on outside, but the mental health wars going on within each individual.

Let me make a guess about you. I’m sure for 90% of the people reading this I will be right. My guess is that you don’t sleep properly and that you don’t give yourself the conditions for good quality rest. I’m guessing that you don’t slow down your activities in the evening. When you eat, do you watch videos on the internet or on tv? Do you take quiet “me time” rituals like tea time or baths without your phone?

We do our best to complete important tasks in life, but in the process are forgetting the most important task which is to have a routine for our own energy and mental health. We never try to clear our minds intentionally, and instead most of us overstimulate it with more and more information. Most people can’t fall asleep without sleeping pills, watching a movie, or listening to podcasts.

Filling your brain with more information to overload and exhaust it to fall asleep – does this approach work in the long term? No it doesn’t! Not only are you postponing yourself from facing and fixing the problem now, but you are making the issue much harder to deal with in the future. An unfortunate truth is that we generally destroy our brains. We all know that balance is important with everything since everything in the universe strives for balance, so when it comes to ourselves we should take the responsibility of knowing when to stimulate and when to relax our brain.

We are moving into the era of self reliance and self responsibility. This is an era where you have to listen to your body and intuition. It is an era where the most accurate navigation system is your body and soul. This is the era where you can either be centered, healthy, and peaceful – or lost, anxious, and overwhelmed. This way of self-responsibility and listening to the body/soul doesn’t come naturally, and it doesn’t come without making life changes. The more we neglect to make the changes in our lives, the more we suffer and the more our reality will get complicated and overwhelming.

The dualities are rising and on one hand we can see the rise of the health industry with gyms, health supplements, yoga, healthy restaurants and deliveries being much more common now. On the other hand we see a great increase in mental health issues and distraction. The gap between these two opposites is widening and it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY / PERSONAL CHOICE to jump on the correct side and grow with it. If you chose to do it then you don’t have to catch up from the lowest point in your life – rock bottom. Those mental rock bottoms nowadays hit harder than ever.

Get on board with learning how to relax yourself and how to quiet your mind. Here are some ideas to consider: have enough sleep, identify and cut out bad habits, stop scrolling through social media, go for walks in nature, eat well and healthy, take your vitamins, take baths, have a medical check up, exercise. Do whatever you have to do. Start following this path and trust that life will guide you to the right direction. When you listen to the most complex guiding system (your own body, your own soul’s intuition, YOURSELF) your path will unravel in front of you and you will be taken to where you need to be.

Do yourself a favor: repeatedly prioritize your own well being! You will thank yourself! No matter the complexity of our multidimensional reality, the fundamental answers and solutions to your problems are very simple. Also you can always reach out if you seek therapy, coaching and spiritual guidance!