Natalya Pazdnikova's Guide To Unblock Your Creativity

Learning how to unblock your creativity can help balance your mind and develop positive thinking for your overall wellbeing. Creativity is the ability to see an abundance of variations. In this guide, Natalya teaches you how to raise your vibration, break your limits and let your creativity flow. Learn to know yourself and unblock your creativity NOW so you can create your reality and live your dream! Let's take you back to magic!

What Is Creativity? How Can You Unblock Your Creativity?

Creativity is the ability to see an abundance of variations.

Creativity and expression are natural for creatures with self awareness, like human beings. If you don’t think you are a creative person, it only means your creative expression is blocked and you need to unblock your creativity, because we are creative beings and we came here to keep creating in this world. It is good to recognize when you need to unblock your creativity, because recognizing the problem is already half of the battle to fixing the problem, right?

Have you ever noticed that your creative thinking arises each time you work on yourself psychologically, energetically or physically? Maybe this creative type of thinking comes in the form of realizations, inspirations, insights, new ideas, or answers to questions you may have had? Have you ever had this kind of experience? When you become happier, freer and more joyful, you are stepping more and more out of your usual perception of life into a bigger picture perception which is more creative in nature. You are on the path to unblock your creativity. You will begin to effortlessly find solutions and receive ideas for any area of your life which may include your art, work, business or anything else.

Creativity isn’t limited to painting an abstract piece of artwork or making music like many think it is. It is 100% applicable to hard sciences as well as in the business world. Again, creativity is the ability to perceive an abundance of possibilities for any situation. It allows a person to see what “could be” in what might be considered to be common or ordinary. Learning how to unblock your creativity can open many doors and opportunities in your in life.

Balance Your Mind To Unblock Your Creativity

It is true that some people are more creative than others just like some people might be happier, healthier or wealthier than others. What isn’t true is the misconception that there is an inherent difference between logical and creative people. An easy example of this would be the commonly used expression that someone is right-brained or left-brained. This makes it sound like we are born to use only one side of the brain which doesn’t really make sense. A more accurate way of expressing this idea would be: a person lives their life from a more logical and analytical perspective or from a more creative and imaginative perspective.

It does NOT mean that a person can’t become more logical or more creative, and that they are limited to either logic or creativity. The human mind is so amazingly complex and fascinating. We can develop different sides to our psyche and no one is limited to a certain mentality/way of being. Everyone has the potential to be creative just as everyone can develop their critical thinking skills.

The whole point is not to be one or the other, but rather to balance your mind not only to unblock your creativity but also to be able to practically apply your creative skills in life. When you can balance your mind, you have the power to be creative and apply this creativity in practical logical ways. You can unblock your creativity and use it at your command!

Developing and balancing the creative and logical ways of thinking is the recipe for happiness and fulfillment. Having the ability to think logically as well as creatively helps tremendously to connect to your intuition and to successfully navigate through life. You can balance your mind to achieve your goals more efficiently and effectively.

As children, we are all creative but depending on the amount of conditioning we receive, most of us block out this creative aspect of ourselves sooner or later. I had to unblock my creativity. By the time I was a teenager my creative flow was sealed shut. I remember getting into photography at the age of 18 and struggling to come up with ideas for pictures. I thought that something was wrong with me. That was the very first time I started asking myself what does creative thinking really mean. I didn’t have any ideas for pictures apart from shooting my only model – my cat. This was back when we didn’t have Instagram or Pinterest to get inspiration from. My creativity was so blocked that no ideas would come to my mind. In fact, I’ve felt like that from a very young age.

All this changed in one moment when my creative channel suddenly “opened” so wide that I could barely stand on my own two feet. I couldn’t handle all the inspiration coming to me. My stomach suddenly felt sick and I started to have a migraine. When I sat on the couch, the only thing I was able to do was ask for a piece of paper and pen.

For the next two hours I was overloaded with ideas for my photoshoots. I sketched and made notes, while my friend would stare at me, being worried the entire time. I couldn’t really explain what was going on nor did I want to. In that moment all I cared about was not to miss any idea that was coming to me. They would come so fast that I couldn’t keep up with writing all of them down.

Just imagine: my head was so creatively blocked my whole life and then suddenly an entire magic jar opened up. Even though it was exhausting for my body and psyche, I was really happy. Something magical seemed to have occurred and I was inspired to the fullest. I had never felt this way before! Every idea seemed so unique, fresh, and rare - I loved each and every one of them. This experience inspired me to dive into this topic further, and now I can help you unblock your creativity as well!

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Develop Positive Thinking To Unblock Your Creativity

Prior to this incident I was taking a psychology course that taught me how to work through my negative thought patterns and beliefs. The goal was to develop positive thinking habits which, unintentionally, led me to unblock my creativity. I don’t remember what I was working on at the time, but it doesn’t really matter because what I figured out was that any type of healing, self-awareness and 'shadow' work takes away your blockages, negative programs and traumas. As a result, that gives you positive mentality and unblocks your natural creative flow. Creative energy is the source energy itself. It is the universal energy that creates worlds. I don’t like to use the word God but, the fact that people call it the Creator means it must have something to do with creativity. When you unblock your creativity, you are also unblocking your connection with the source, the universe, the field of information, the collective consciousness - call it as you please.

Just think about it. Nature is the most creative artist of all! You are a part of this nature and the universe, thus you are the nature and the universe itself. We, as humans, evolved to the point where we are not only aware of ourselves as conscious beings, but we are also intelligent enough to create further. Life force energy created you and continues to create through you now. Everyone is creative at their core. Learning to unblock your creativity is essential for any area of your life! When you heal and develop positive thinking patterns, you build a more consistent connection with this creative energy, even your dreams become more positive, vivid, colorful and lucid.

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My creative inspiration has opened and overflowed many times since that first time. Two weeks later it happened in Ikea where I was again overloaded with new ideas for decorating my apartment. I had a stomach ache, a headache, and couldn’t walk just like the first time. It was almost as intense as the first time. I had to sit down on a couch right there in the store and needed to write everything that was coming to my head.

How often do you get the experience of feeling overly excited and overloaded with creative ideas at night while you are supposed to be asleep? If this happens it means that your creative energy is not entirely blocked, which is great news, but you don’t let enough of this energy out during the day. When the day is over and you start to calm down for the night, the brain might start firing because the creative life force finally has a chance to flow through you.

If these creative energies are allowed to flow more often when you balance your mind and develop stable positive mindset, there won’t be any big blockages and in turn there won’t be any extreme explosions like I had. It takes time to heal, develop positive thinking and balance your logical and creative mentality, but it's worth your dedication as eventually you will be able to turn that flow on and off at will.

Learn To Know Yourself To Unblock Your Creativity

There are two “opposite” categories of people in this world when it comes to creativity. One is extremely logical and rational. They don't only block creative flow, but all kinds of magic that life has to offer, like spiritual and metaphysical experiences. The second type are the dreamers and wonderers. These people tend to struggle with things like structure and also could be shut off from the ability to apply their creative flow in logical and grounded ways. You can learn to know yourself, balance your mind and unblock your creativity by acknowledging which category you belong to.

Like I mentioned before, it is not that you are either one or the other. We are all both, but the problem is in the absence of balance. We can use dualistic perspectives on any subject we choose to look at and understand exactly where we are lacking that balance. This is because everyone is somewhere on the scale between extreme rationality and pure creativity. Wouldn't it be great to learn to know yourself and balance your mind with that knowledge?

Let me use a personal example. I used to be so logical and analytical. Rationality was everything to me and I was proud of my logical capabilities. I would question and analyze everything. My learning abilities were extremely high and I could receive and apply a lot of information with ease. I felt like I could win any argument because my brain was so fast and on point. I also liked to be organized and productive.

Learning how to unblock your creativity can help balance your mind and develop positive thinking for your overall wellbeing. Creativity is the ability to see an abundance of variations. In this guide, Natalya teaches you how to raise your vibration, break your limits and let your creativity flow. Learn to know yourself and unblock your creativity NOW so you can create your reality and live your dream! Let's take you back to magic!

Later on in my life’s journey I dove deep into metaphysics, energy work as well as meditation, and I experienced something completely opposite to pure logical and analytical observation. I became extremely sensitive to energies. I had such a hard time focusing on one subject and it would take me forever to read a single page of a book. I became psychically sensitive and intuitive to the degree I have never ever experienced in my life. I started having different spiritual and metaphysical experiences almost on a daily basis, and it was as if I was in a trance from the moment I would wake up to the moment I would go to sleep. I felt like I had been swept up by an incredibly strong spi