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Natalya Pazdnikova's Guide on How To Listen To Your Intuition and Trust Your Gut Feeling

Learning how to listen to your intuition can help you make better choices and live in ultimate happiness. Trust your intuition, or gut feeling, as a spiritual divine tool within you which helps you to gain understanding to solve problems without the use of conscious reasoning. You can develop the ability to tap into the power of your intuition whenever you want and use the intelligence of your heart to make the best choice in everyday decisions and live your dream. Let Natalya teach you how!

What Is Intuition? How Do You Listen To Your Intuition?

Say, for example, I feel a negative emotion and I act on it. Is that me listening to my intuition? What if I want to smoke, drink, or eat junk food? How can I differentiate between my true desires and coping mechanisms? The answers to these questions are already latent within the questions themselves.

Let’s imagine that life is very simple and anything that is beneficial for you, which doesn’t cross other people’s boundaries, is aligned with your intuition, and everything that is detrimental for you and those around you is not.

Now that we have an idea, let’s talk about how to connect with your self and listen to your intuition in more detail.

First, know that you are not a body that has a soul, but rather, you are the soul that fits into the body - you are a soul that has a body, not otherwise. You are much more than you could ever realize about yourself with human intellect alone, and the reason for that is because your soul is connected to all that is – it is connected to the entire universe. We are used to thinking that we are separated in the physical world with physical boundaries, with space, objects and our bodies. In reality, your soul is not only an energy inside you, it is also around you, and we are all connected on a subtle lever.

When scientists talk about the expanding universe, they mean that it has been growing ever since it's beginning with the Big Bang. Galaxies are moving away from other galaxies, however, they are not moving through space, they are moving with space, because space is also moving. In other words, the universe has no center; everything is moving away from everything else. The universe is expanding and our consciousness expands with it.

Connect To Your Higher Self To Listen To Your Intuition

The soul is connected to everything and it is also expanding, however the intellect will never be able to keep up with the process of that expansion. Simply because the intellect is always behind, think about it - science and human logic keeps up with life, not vice versa.

So, since your soul is bigger than what you will ever be able to realize of yourself, and is connected to the infinite field of information - it holds a wider perspective. The essence of your consciousness / soul vibrates at a very high frequency of love, allowance, non-resistance, acceptance, happiness, joy, and all feelings that are good that we can describe as “high frequency." When you get an impulse from your soul, that's your intuition. The part of you that is a physical continuation of that soul must now decide whether to act on such an impulse or not. When your intentions are focused on the purpose of well-being, you can begin to listen to your intuition and trust your gut to make better choices.

Let yourself a the middle ground between your soul’s greater awareness and your logical analytical human intelligence. This is also how you allow your creativity to express in this world. You are the receiver of an impulse as well as a decision maker. Building a relationship with your intuition in that sense would mean balancing polar ways of operating - the sensitive / receptive and the analytical / logical one. You must learn to trust your gut feeling when you receive that impulse.

Overcome Your Fears and Always Trust Your Gut Feeling

Intuition is not something way out there or something you need to take a guess on. It's always communicating with you, but it is very quiet and gentle. However, you may be resisting the voice of your intuition due to blockages caused by past pains and traumas. As humans, we tend to listen to our fears and limiting beliefs instead, which most of the time are deeply embedded conceptions of what we can and can’t do, or who we can and can’t be. Just calm your mind in order to hear and listen to your intuition, then you'll know very well what it is telling you. You can basically always make better choices if you just break down those fears and trust your gut feeling.

Natalya Pazdnikova - A Certified Psychologist, Life and Spiritual Awakening Coach here to help you on your journey! Get an online therapy & spiritual guidance here...

Depending on how much you’ve disconnected from hearing your inner voice, it could seem to be guiding you into an undesirable or even painful direction. Have you ever heard of the saying, “the only way out is through?" If you are in a bad place within yourself right now, you may experience anxiety and depression. Acting on just one intuitive impulse won’t take you directly to a very good feeling place. It will take some time to guide you through that pain and out of it.

Raise Your Vibration to Unblock The Power of Intuition

Let’s say you are dealing with addiction or an unhealthy attachment to a person and you don't know how to let go or if you should leave the relationship or stay, and things only get worse no matter how much you try to fight or change the situation.

Where will your soul guide you? Out of it, obviously, but in the moment it might not be so obvious while we are caught up in the experience itself. In that moment, we may be caught in lower vibrational states of despair, anger, or sadness that cause us to think in a box, in other words, within the limits of those lower vibrational states. If you listen to your intuition, it can help raise your vibration and smoothly guide you out of those lower vibrational states and your situation in different ways. The voice of fear and anxiety is loud and annoyingly persistent. The voice of intuition is quiet, smooth, gentle, and ever present - which causes us to ignore it. The more you follow the little steps as you listen to your intuition, the faster you will come into alignment with it. You can speed up the process by following the very little steps as often as possible.

Sudden change doesn’t usually bring stability, every unshakable foundation is built over time and isn’t created from a single quick radical action. I’m not saying that all radical actions aren’t good because they can work! However, they don’t often work with us - humans are creatures of habit which means that all these things take time.

Balance Your Mind to Hear Your Inner Voice

Build a bridge between your logical brain and your soul’s guidance. You don’t need to know any secret on how to listen to your intuition. There are no secrets to this. The funny thing is that you always know what to do and what not to do. The magic starts to happen when you take your inner voice seriously and actually trust your intuition. It will take you on a wondrous journey through life! You may start to experience synchronicities on a daily basis, and opportunities as well as positive manifestations start to come your way. Make better choices now and start creating the life you wish to live!

We are living in tough times and it is common for people to have a mess of information and clutter in their minds. Because of this, it is really difficult for most people to continuously hear and listen to their intuition. I mean, it is possible to have momentary access, but to have an uninterrupted and constant communication with your soul is a process that takes time and great dedication. It is something that requires you to learn and relearn many times. It is not without setbacks, yet it is worth all the effort. In the long run it is worth it. Is there really anything more important than having a real connection with your soul?

Follow Your Intuition To Be Happy and Make Better Choices

The one and only life goal for anyone is to be happy. What happens when you are happy? You attract more happiness, positivity, and opportunities. Following your intuition means following your inspirations, hobbies, as well as your physical and mental health needs. It also means doing things that you like to do. Please you! Make you stronger and happier in general. Eventually it makes you more of the one you came here to be. It makes YOU more YOU! Some tough self-love and you are going to feel better, and the better you feel, the closer you are vibrationally to your soul’s frequency.

You can try to partially ignore and not listen to your intuition, which tells you stop smoking or change your diet, by not acting on it. But see, not only is it required to build that bridge to hear and listen to your intuition, you must also act on it!

It’s like a healthy relationship that is built with another person. The more you invest in it the more you get out of it. Please note that I’m talking about a healthy relationship, not just any relationship. I’m talking about a relationship that keeps getting better and stronger every day because you invest, communicate, and follow through with your actions.

When we talk about intuition, we are talking about your relationship with your self. In other words, it is your relationship with your internal compass.

Your intuition already gives you clues every day. You already know what to do or not to do deep down, but along with your intuitive voice, there is also your anxious, wounded or scared voice. These other voices are the ones you may have listened to for a while now, which is why it's hard to stop believing and associating with them.

Learning how to listen to your intuition can help you make better choices and live in ultimate happiness. Trust your intuition, or gut feeling, as a spiritual divine tool within you which helps you to gain understanding to solve problems without the use of conscious reasoning. You can develop the ability to tap into the power of your intuition whenever you want and use the intelligence of your heart to make the best choice in everyday decisions and live your dream. Let Natalya teach you how!

Focus on Positivity and Just Trust Your Intuition

Just start following what feels good or feels right for you. Your task is to train your focus. Focus on positivity, good feeling thoughts, genuinely expect life to treat you well. Life will always be life. It has it's ups and downs and we know that. You don’t need to be taught about the law of attraction. Most likely you have already consciously experienced how it works!

If you have ever had periods of life where you felt predominately very good, remember that good experiences and opportunities were coming more and more into your life. And on the other end if you ever experienced periods of low vibration, apathy and depression: it only became worse until the negative thought spiral was stopped, either with your conscious effort or not.

Why not train ourselves to focus on positivity in this world of dualities and contrasts? Sometimes it could be too hard to do on your own, but your soul is already guiding you now to find that which will help you connect with yourself and raise your vibration. Listen to and trust your gut feeling to start making better choices now. Be present and ask yourself what you need to do or stop doing.

You most likely dismiss your intuition’s calls that could lead you to something grand in life, some big manifestation or big breakthrough. That happens because you ignore the little messages it sends you on a daily basis! It can be in the little things like, “you can skip that cigaret,” or “eat better food for lunch,” or “go out for a walk," or “turn off your social media and go to sleep.”

Sometimes it may seem that the direction of life depends on big decisions, opportunities or turns of events, and while it is true - the direction of one’s life is built one step at a time. Jumping to a much higher level right away is very possible but it isn’t always sustainable. Walking and learning from every step towards that level - is. Learning how to make better choices also comes gradually in the same manner.

In the era of information that we live in today, it is very easy to be distracted not only by the outside world but by ourselves as well. Many of us are addicted to the distraction. We don’t really know how to stay grounded, be present and happy with ourselves in these modern times. We don’t learn mindfulness and other spiritual practices in our homes, schools or universities. Nobody taught us about disconnection with our own self and the empty feeling it creates.

There is nothing more important in life than your wellbeing which is most ultimately found through the connection to source, in other words, through the connection to your “soul," or even better, to YOURSELF. You are the whole universe within the universe. Don’t be a lost blind puppy who wanders around without any direction and tossed around by life from one place to another. This need not be the case because you can be your own guru as you do have access to your own personal guiding system. It is profoundly intelligent and knows what is good for you, as well as what you most truly want in life. So trust your gut feeling! What else can you really trust 100% if you can’t trust your intuition?

So my advice is this. Start with self love and your own well being. Prioritize it, listen to and trust your intuition to make better choices! Everything else will start falling into place!

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Natalya Pazdnikova - A Certified Psychologist, Life and Spiritual Awakening Coach here to help you on your journey! Get an online therapy & spiritual guidance here...


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