Everything stated in this article is not a scientific report, these are my personal experiences and my acquired knowledge.

This topic is one of the most fascinating for me and was interesting to me from a young age. I am very in touch with my dreams, but I can’t say it came to be that way naturally. No, it has started from when I was given an assignment to write down my dreams every morning on the psychology course, I took at the age of 18.

What are dreams? There are, of course, a great number of theories on this topic. Dreaming process helps the brain to sort out and store the information in form of memories, also dreams balances out our psychological state.

From my point of view, based on my personal experiences and acquired knowledge, in order to understand what the dream is you must first understand what the consciousness / soul.

We are not only our physical bodies but a life force energy, the fuel for the body to live. Just like a car needs fuel. This is the vital energy that makes trees grow and flowers bloom. We are all one of the same energies, we are the separate streams of this energy manifested in different physical forms. A Human being is the most self-aware and intelligent manifestation of this energy stream on earth. So, we are this vital energy operating through the physical bodies, we are not SEPARATE FROM rather a CONTINUATION OF the common life force energy.

Between the source of that energy and your physical body there are ‘layers’ of consciousness.

We are going to break it down only for the purpose of me unfold my point, otherwise all these layers are not really layering how it would be perceived in a linear 3d way.

  • Physical body (no explanation needed:)

  • The aura - that part of your soul / life force / energy stream that never leaves the body compared to the next 2 ‘layers’ I will mention. Aura always stays with the body until it disintegrates while energy is slowly transforming into a different form. Think of a dying tree that until it fully dries out it still has an energy to it.

  • Emotional body that is very much the same as aura but with one difference - our emotions follow our thoughts, and our thoughts are almost always somewhere. For example, a breastfeeding young mother who is separated from her baby begins to lactate at the very same time when the child is getting hungry. This type of connection is not just a result of physical processes in the body but also the result of emotional and mental attachment. These examples might seem too mystical to some, but it actually happens all around us all the time, we just need to pay attention. Another example is when two people fall in love they start to speak in unison, think about the same things at the same time, finishing each other’s phrases etc. while maybe even being at a distance of kilometers and knowing each other only for a week. The reason for that is the strong focus on that other person, emotional and mental attachment.

  • And finally, we come to the fourth layer - the layer of thoughts. This part of your energy is the lightest, meaning that if you think of Paris you are taken to Paris with your thoughts instantly, there is no dimension of time. One single thought has no density, but we accumulate energy around the single thought by focusing on it and bringing similar thoughts together. Then when focus long enough we eventually manifest that thought into physical world. For example, excessive negative thinking leads to headache which creates tension in our head, or emotional breakdown which leads to physical illness. Everything starts with thought before it becomes physical whether we talk about health conditions or a physical creation of some sort. Before you create something - you think of it first. I will not talk about the law of attraction here as it’s another big topic.

So, the DREAM is the disintegration of the last two layers - emotional and thought. While aura remains with the physical body, the emotional layer (so-called the astral body) and our thoughts ‘fly away’, they fully immerse in non-physical form.

Carlos Castaneda talked about us dreaming in the waking state as well, and i find it very relative to how i see things. Dream is the journey to non-physical, that witch we are never separated from in a waken state anyway. Also dream is a journey to your subconscious which you always have access to, not even just have access, but your subconscious is you, it is the biggest part of you that runs your life. And what we do when we expand our consciousness is - we bring conscious awareness to our subconscious, that is also connected to limitless superconscious (later on that)

Some of us often experience the falling sensations when we falling asleep and it wakes us up in a lot of stress. I perceive it as a failed attempt to let go and let the layers separate. People who experience these phenomena very often, usually have vulnerability around expressing their emotions and the fear of losing control.

Those who practice astral travels and lucid dreaming will agree that these experiences are extremely real and emotional.

So, the dream is a journey of our thoughts and emotions, why are they so strange?

We, humans, have invented language, words, sentences through which we explain our thoughts, and we even learned to think in language as well, but if we dig deeper into our subconscious - we will see that it is the world of pictures, metaphors, associations and abstracts.

The older you are the more information you accumulate throughout life. So, there is a lot of information and perhaps your brain, in a strange way, associated the color blue with a dog because, for example, you were scared by a dog in childhood when you walked near a blue house :). Now you would have never guessed that your brain made that association, the combination of blue color and scary dog only appeared once in your childhood and it was a scary experience. But you consciously now associate the blue color with the sea, for example.

Let’s say you are going through something in life that brings up a lot of fear in you that manifests into having a nightmare, so you dream about drawing in the sea while hearing the dog barks on the shore. This is the simple example; we all know how absurd our dreams could get and our subconscious world is very messy and metaphorical. De-coding your dreams is a skill. If you think that you will never be able to properly analyze your dreams this is not true. You are very capable. It just takes some practice. I ask all my clients to keep a dream journal and write their dreams down every morning immediately after they wake up. This is how I started my journey with dreams, and this is the great self-practice that connects you to your deep subconscious. You get to know yourself on a deeper level, you become friends with your mind and eventually you can even learn lessons through dreams, receive valuable information and be guided towards the right decisions in life.

Just imagine for a second how much information goes through the head of a modern citizen in the era of internet. We have never seen such statistical rates on insomnia and healthy sleep is a vital component for a healthy psyche. Creating and sticking to a sleeping routine is more important than ever, this is a first priority that comes even before even eating healthy.

It is impossible to divide the definition of a dream by all the presented theories in the world but rather each theory adds up to the whole understanding of this phenomena. The reason being that it is not just a phenomenon, it is 1/3 part of human existence worth exploring. Defining what is a dream in one way would be very limiting. It is like when we try to define God. No one has one single right answer, but all answers made from different perspectives united could be very well the right answer.

Dreams are not just a journey to your subconscious, or only the process of sorting out the information or forming memory, it is also a doorway back to the limitless superconscious. If your subconscious is your personal space, I consider super-consciousness to be a shared space, that vibrational state where you are able to see beyond your own self, beyond your own subconsciousness. It is the state of your mind where you are able to perceive, connect to and maybe even exchange information with others, more or less self-aware energy forms. I use the term ‘Energy forms’ as a generalization and it is not my purpose for this article to unfold this topic here.

Again, we cannot clearly distinguish between these two ‘places.’ There are no borders and separation in non-physical world, but I do separate subconscious and super-conscious dream experiences for the purpose of learning about my own psyche, psychic abilities and nonphysical world.

The super-conscious experiences are very natural but to notice them, remember them after waking up, and understanding them takes a good level of knowledge and self-awareness. For some lucky ones (not me) it takes solid unbroken or not totally broken connection to themselves preserved from the very childhood. So some people experience superconscious dreams very often and they think that we all do, which is not the case.

Another fascinating phenomenon is lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is experience of being fully aware of the fact that you are dreaming. This is the most entertaining experience of all, and it can occur in both subconscious and super-conscious dream experiences.

Many people experienced lucid dreaming at least once in life, and it is certainly something you will never forget. But I can also say that MOST of us experienced it slightly and never even remember it in the first place. Because It takes FOCUS to remain lucid in the dream for the full experience of it, and more often than not we become lucid for few seconds and then the dream takes over.

Focus is the vital skill you need to develop. By focus I don’t mean super intense / nothing can distract me type of focus, but rather gentle focus that is fully under your control, you can effortlessly navigate it and you are aware of it.

Having these dream experiences is not necessarily abnormal, I think it is the direction for our further intellectual evolution. But for now, it is still an unchartered territory and we must strengthen the ability to focus in order to fight the unconscious that drag us back asleep when we become lucid.

Remember the movie ‘Inception’ with Leonardo DiCaprio? Where he would travel into another person’s dream and that person’s subconscious will start to fight against the guest. What i am talking about is kind of similar) But you travel to your own dream and your own subconscious does not fight you but rather works against you to put you back asleep. Your unconscious will suck you back into a dream and in order for it not to happen you have to have a good ability to focus.

Your experience of life in awaken state will differ depending on your vibrational state and so when you are in a dream it works the same way. Mental clarity, focus and vibrational state overall in a waken state will reflect the quality of your lucid experiences in the dream world.

Everything I have stated in this article is my very personal perception and experience. You do not have to agree on anything and the way you see things can differ massively, and that is ok. I don’t claim to know it all, plus I don’t believe in one truth or one way of seeing things, and you shouldn’t too! Choose that which resonates, that is what will add up to the expansion of your personal consciousness. Also don’t blindly take my truth as your own because you think I know something that you don’t. That can inhibit your unique perception of things. There is no ultimate truth to any subject, only a unique perception and resonance.

In the next article I am giving some tips on how to lucid dream.