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Natalya Pazdnikova's Guide on How To Be Your Own Guru

Be your own guru and learn to heal yourself to unleash your inner genius in an era of mass information. Natalya Pazdnikova takes you through the process of self-healing, connection to yourself and the universe to become your own guru, by guiding you to listen to and trust your own intuition to make a way for positive change and create your dream life. Learn to heal yourself and discover your inner genius NOW no matter the circumstance. Become your own guru today! Let's take you back to magic!

Why Should You Learn To Heal Yourself? How Can You Be Your Own Guru?

We live in the era of self-reliance and there is so much information in the world that pulls us away from connecting with our inner selves. I call these tough times because the amount of information will only grow, life will be more complicated and the level of distraction will increase, so it is crucial to be still and listen to the guidance within to unleash your inner genius. I invite you to learn to heal yourself so that you can stay still and listen to yourself, and I can teach you how.

There is so much food in the supermarket - you choose what to feed your body. There are various approaches to cure your disease, all the doctors in the world will not agree on one single method - so you choose your method. Who to vote for, to go to the university or not - all of it is a personal choice, so be your own guide and be your own guru!

So when we talk about enlightenment, we need to truly grasp the idea that THERE IS NO ONE SINGLE TRUTH. Everything is experience and all “truths” are just perspectives or angles of observation. People have different definitions for just about anything you can think of, and this includes subjects like love, God, happiness, or enlightenment. This is not only normal but very natural. This is due to the creative unfolding of nature that can be seen through evolution and the formation of our universe. While definitions and perspectives may be different among people, we share one single core desire which is to feel good, although we take different paths to get there. With all these different perspectives, it's important to heal yourself so that you can listen to your own intuition, your own guidance and source of intelligence.

Focus on Yourself To Unleash Your Inner Genius

People often see growth and evolution in the same way they look at time, in a linear perspective. Yet evolution is multidimensional and while everything in nature is energetically connected; evolution for each living organism is still happening in a unique, personal and messy way. Even a good habitual environment for one living being could be detrimental for another one from the very same species. For example, clean water could make a fish sick if that fish adapted to muddy waters over a very long period of time, while other fish of same species live in clean waters. The same goes for human beings. Someone’s personal beliefs and environment, which serves as a great fundament for a happy life, could be detrimental for another person and vice versa. With this guide you will learn to unleash your inner genius based on your unique life situation, upbringing, personal qualities and preferences.

People tend to compare themselves to others because they think that they are on the same road, but in reality, everyone has their own path and we inevitably end up walking towards different directions, even those of us who share the same goal. Reality is much more complex than parallel lines.

Even though we are on different paths, we are all driven by the same underlying desire - to be happy. Some achieve it through life accomplishment and success, others through religion. Some people find their happiness through mental health work, through spirituality, or through perfecting physical health with exercise, nutrition and the right supplements. Each of these paths work! However, these paths don’t work for everyone. In the end, not every rich person eventually finds their life “meaningless” or feels lonely and unhappy. Additionally, not every spiritual or religious person comes even close to living in a state of bliss and enlightenment. When you learn to heal yourself and be your own guide, you can reach true happiness while living your personal dream!

It is extremely limiting to think that there is only one "right" path. We all experience “aha" moments, realizations and insights and since there is this deep feeling of resonance with this new awareness - we might think that this is the ultimate truth for everyone. However, this is not the case. You are in your own unique path and have to be your own guru, meaning living in accordance with your own resonance, but being flexible enough to know that there is no ultimate truth even if you felt it in your bones.

Even the teacher you resonate with the most can’t speak your truth 100% of the time. Even if you admire them and respect their opinion; or even if they are acknowledged by millions – it still is not possible for them to speak your truth 100% of the time. They might be more connected to their own source than you are connected to yours. Your goal should not be to fit their truth into yours, but rather use ONLY the parts that resonate in the moment to rebuild and reinforce your own connection to your inner genius. In other words, when you learn to heal yourself, you start listening to your internal guidance and, eventually, you reestablish your lost spiritual connection to your universe and unleash your inner genius!

Natalya Pazdnikova - A Certified Psychologist, Life and Spiritual Awakening Coach here to help you on your journey! Get an online therapy & spiritual guidance here...

Stop Believing In The Perfection And Start Believing In The Uniqueness

People tend to believe in the perfection of things, especially when we talk about subjects such as love, God, happiness or enlightenment. However, every person will have their own epiphanies, feelings, intellectual explanations, the whole experience will be extremely unique - it can’t be otherwise!

If you have to have a guru in life - heal yourself, connect to your source and be your own guru!

The point of life and the evolution of consciousness is not to reach a point where we see things the same way, but rather for each individual to find and bring forth their own uniqueness and genius.

If you are someone who is committed to self-growth, self-love, educating yourself and expanding your mental and spiritual awareness to unleash your inner genius, then you want to be aware of these two points:

1. Develop the skill of being open-minded: Some days we feel more open-minded than other days. There are a lot of factors that affect our ability to have an open mind starting with today’s mood and ending with more complex reasons such as triggers and secondary benefits to see only your own perspective. Open-mindedness is not something that is achieved and then kept once it is achieved, but rather it is an energetic awareness that can shrink and expand. I call being open-minded a skill because it is the ability to hold different perspectives in one moment with no negative emotional charge or judgement towards them. Practicing this skill would mean practicing the understanding that every reality or perspective has the right to exist. Holding multiple perspectives simultaneously in your mental space eventually neutralizes emotional charge. This is a critical step if you want to truly learn to heal yourself, eliminate external triggers and live a harmonious life.

An example of this would be getting into an argument with someone and knowing you are right. You feel it in your bones with all your being. At the same time, the other person feels that they are right just as much as you. The thing to do in this situation is to hold both perspectives together within ourselves at the same time. Both truths have the right to exist even though you might not understand where the other person is coming from. It isn’t necessary to fully understand the other perspective because one lifetime isn’t enough to figure ourselves out, let alone someone else.

Holding different perspectives in your mental space simultaneously does not mean abandoning your truth. It's an important point to understand if you want to be your own guru. You can still choose your side of the story, and in fact it is often the healthy thing to do. Being excessively open minded can result in trying so much to understand another person’s perspective that you may lose yourself and your own truth in the process which can lead to depression and anxiety. You want to avoid this to truly unleash your inner genius. There are plenty of examples of people who want to make a relationship or friendship work to the point of abandoning themselves in the process. When we do this, we cross and disrespect our own boundaries, and the result is more detrimental than not trying to understand the other person at all. You can try to fit into someone else’s shoes, but if you are walking barefoot as a result then it is less beneficial than keeping your own shoes from the beginning. The negative effect of being too open minded actually happens more often than most people even realize. There is no need to sacrifice your own truth just to understand another person and their point of view. You don’t have to do it! Learn to heal yourself and focus on your own mental wellbeing! Empathetic people tend to get into this trap because they want to be perceived as good people and get approval from others, which often results in them not being good to themselves and abandoning their truth.

Train this skill when you have an issue with someone else’s perspective, remind yourself that you are both right in your separate realities. You are right and they are right. You don’t have to agree and often it is healthier to agree to disagree. This practice dissolves negative emotional charge and helps to let go. Not abandoning your personal truth is a step on the way to unleash your inner genius!

2. Develop the skill to let go: The faster you expand your consciousness, the more often you will have to let go of beliefs that you deemed as truth, including those that you have recently adopted. When consciousness expands, these beliefs will at some point stop serving their purpose and will hold you back from expanding your consciousness further because of the over-identification with these beliefs. Remember that nothing is the final truth, even if it might have felt so in your bones, even if you feel like you’ve reached the final understanding of a certain subject.

We live in a vibrational universe where the law of attraction brings you puzzle pieces that expand you further. Those puzzle pieces are gathered in a most relatable way for you personally, in a way that you specifically will resonate with. However, nothing is the ultimate truth, there is always a bigger picture and there will come a point when you will need to give up beliefs in order to move forward, and this will happen over and over again because that expansion never ends.

It is ok to no longer resonate with something you needed for your evolution in your past or even recently. Your brain might still need more explanations to let go of a belief, but resonance is not a brain experience - it is an experience of your whole being. We, as humans, overvalue logic and linear thinking to the point that we resist subtle energies and multidimensionality - the very basis of existence.

We are so deep into operating within linear perspectives and disconnected from our “sixth sense” and the universe at large that we don’t only hold on to our every belief, but fight wars for them. If you believe in something so deeply, it won’t hurt to loosen your grip on that belief and come to neutrality. This perspective can cause fears, feeling of inadequacy or fear of trusting yourself. But just keep in mind that we are multidimensional creatures and that the thinking mind is very limited. Your consciousness is able to perceive without thinking and making mental notes at all.

Belief is just a thought that felt true to you at some point that you kept thinking. Even if it’s believed by many people collectively, it still doesn’t make it the ultimate truth.

I know that you can debate me on that and make examples of common “ultimate truths” such as God, Love, Enlightenment and similar idealistic concepts, but I would have to write another article on that. In short I would say, while the experience of these things can be similar, it will never be the same for two individuals. In this world with more than 7 billion people, there are simply way too many theories, and because of the internet and smartphones we have access to millions of perspectives right at our fingertips! The most important for you is your own evolution of experiencing these things, not the idealization of the concepts of how it's supposed to be experienced. You must learn to be your own guru and trust yourself to unleash your own inner genius.

Be your own guru and learn to heal yourself to unleash your inner genius in an era of mass information. Natalya Pazdnikova takes you through the process of self-healing, connection to yourself and the universe to become your own guru, by guiding you to listen to and trust your own intuition to make a way for positive change and create your dream life. Learn to heal yourself and discover your inner genius NOW no matter the circumstance. Become your own guru today! Let's take you back to magic!

Listen To and Trust Your Intuition to Be Your Own Guru

Spiritual information is spreading fast, spirituality is becoming a trend and more and more people are experiencing psychic awakening. I love it, it is so exciting! But through spiritual awakening we become more psychically sensitive, mentally and energetically open, so we have to be more careful THAN EVER about what we choose to believe. It is crucial to filter ALL information we receive BY OUR OWN RESONANCE; this even includes well-intended information from sources you trust and even your own thoughts.

When filtering out the information that is meant to serve YOU - you must listen to yourself and see what is TRUE FOR YOU. This is what I mean when I say be your own guru. Be a person that can hold different perspectives but trust themselves enough to take their own resonance as the current personal truth.

For example, when I work with clients on an individual basis, we work within their belief system. I have no aim to change their beliefs to mine because it is the most pointless thing to do. I can’t help unleash your own genius by imposing everything I know no matter how intelligent I think I am. Two geniuses with completely different perspectives on life will only add up to the whole if we learn that everything is about unique and personal experiences, not the “final truth” or agreeing with one another.

So, how is it possible to navigate through the complexity of this reality with ease so we can have happiness in our lives? How can you be your own guru? All answers surrounding these questions always lead back to ourselves and our connection to source, to life, to nature, to the infinite, to God. There are many names for it so call it as you wish. There is an inner portal within you through which you can access your own personal answers and wisdom, and following this guidance takes you on your own "right path" in life.

You need the existing information from the outside world in order to widen your perspectives as well as to build a language to translate your own wisdom that comes through. If you heard of the word “channeling,” it is something that everyone has access to. It is the process of receiving a stream of consciousness. This is the stream of information that can come through according to your unique perception of life. Note that I am not saying that this is the "ultimate truth." Instead, I am saying that it is your personal, purest, most intelligent stream of consciousness that you are able to pick up on at this point of time in your current situation. No one’s channeling should be perceived as ultimate truth. I will repeat myself - even if it comes from most reputable source. And your goal is to keep opening up your own creative channels to the intelligence that is beyond your thinking mind. That is the doorway to unleash your inner genius.

Raise Your Vibration With Spiritual Practices to Heal Yourself

You need to learn to heal yourself from traumas by raising your vibration and clearing your mind from an overload of information. Cut the amount of information you receive on a daily basis including reading books, listening to podcasts, or watching interviews. Start to meditate, do the breathwork and other spiritual practices that raise your vibration and help you focus. You will start to receive new awareness, ideas, wisdom and insights. You do need outside information for the reasons I mentioned above, but at the same time, you have inner access to your own unique genius intelligent stream of consciousness that is waiting for you to start receiving it. You can be your own guru!

All this being said, it isn’t bad to listen to others, otherwise I wouldn’t be sharing this. However, when you come across an opinion, take in only what resonates with you in the moment. Next time the same opinion might not resonate with you at all or it might resonate even stronger. Our consciousness is not set in stone, it is flowing, so let it flow to deepen your access to multidimensionality.

Every GENIUS creation is NOT COPIED, but it doesn’t mean that other people who came before this creation did not contribute to it. We are the continuation of everything that came before us. Add up every single perspective you come across into your own basket of perspectives, even the ones that contradict each other but always CHOOSE YOUR OWN BASED ON RESONANCE. In the age of information, this era of internet and opportunities, don’t get lost and don’t waste time searching outside of yourself. Learn to heal yourself, connect to yourself and your source, and be your own guru. To walk the path that is meant for you starts with this connection of turning on your navigator, your resonance, your intuition. That is the way to unleash your inner genius and reach your potential!

If you are seeking to deeper understand yourself, then no amount of meditations, affirmations, reading books and articles will be as effective as the life transformational work that I, as a Certified Psychologist and Spiritual Awakening Coach, can assist you with. Click on the picture below to book a Self-Discovery Game where you will be able to UNDERSTAND, LOVE and ACCEPT yourself on a whole new level

Natalya Pazdnikova - A Certified Psychologist, Life and Spiritual Awakening Coach here to help you on your journey! Get an online therapy & spiritual guidance here...



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