That’s why I decided to visit a Monastery in Thailand where my psychic gifts could steadily progress. Thanks to such natural and calm environment i could meditate and embrace spiritual dimensions. 


As much as this can sound mesmerizing, it also came with downsides. Balancing between my real life and this new spiritual journey proved to be too much for me to handle. I eventually had to end my 8 years career of international modeling, moved to the country side of Greece and dedicated myself to writing.

People have always been naturally drawn to me for advice, it began with friends and family and then friends of friends, etc. I started practicing the art of Reiki. That is when I started having my first clients, however these energy healing session quickly became channeling information sessions instead. 

Judge for yourself - I grew up as a completely ordinary girl without any special gifts, had average grades in school and lived in a family of ordinary people. In fact, I have never had any interest or cravings for the study of esoteric or extra-sensorial subjects. On the contrary, I have always prided myself on my ability to think logically and my sharp analytical perspective on life.

I have one single logical conclusion on how I came to have this mystical experiences. The extrasensory perception opened up as is the result of working on myself, my traumas, relentless therapy and craving for understanding our human consciousness.


That mental build up exploded at the exact time when I started meditating, spending a lot of time in nature, being immersed in hypnotic state in the hypnotherapy program I was taking at the time, which is like meditation - it connects you with your deeper self. I also changed my diet to a more plant-based one. 

Natalya Pazdnikova - A Certified Psychologist, Life and Spiritual Awakening Coach here to help you on your journey! Get an online therapy & spiritual guidance here...
Natalya Pazdnikova - A Certified Psychologist, Life and Spiritual Awakening Coach here to help you on your journey! Get an online therapy & spiritual guidance here...

So yes, I can say there’s a specific recipe to experience what I’ve experienced. I’m not special or, better to say, we are all special. I am convinced that psychic sensitivity is our inevitable future, and I am here to assist you in your healing journey. A journey full of new extraordinary perspectives that I’ll share with you that will resonate with the core of who you are! 

It might sound like my journey was all about unicorns and rainbows, but in reality I went through all the imaginable and unimaginable difficulties that you can think of. Envision a child who, over a short period of time, absorbed a life perception of an elderly. The child's brain isn't prepared for such change, the child doesn't know what to do with it, and surely isn't equipped with necessary life skills and knowledge to embark on the journey in the smoothest way. I lost sleep and developed panic attacks. These intense struggles were pushing me towards deeper healing, stronger connection to myself, the universe and the present moment. I had to create a support system and take full ownership over my life, and now I am here to help those who go through Spiritual Awakening and deal with life difficulties in general.   

I provide therapy & coaching sessions to people that are ready to take the next step into their new, expanded and pleasant reality. I don’t identify myself  as a specialist in one category. I work with all sorts of traumas and crises, relationship issues, depression, addictions or people who are going through major life transformations. 


I am an Intuitive Therapist and I guide clients towards uncovering and releasing any problem that they are facing.

Moreover, I use an integrated Holistic approach which encompasses logical psychoanalysis, psychology and methodology and of course, understanding spiritual principles and our inextricable connection with the universe and every living organism.
We work with the mind which is wired to make logical sense of everything and we work with the soul - our subconscious and our unconscious which encompasses the metaphorical abstract world of pictures, symbols and associations. 

I am very invested in my passion, in fact, I consider helping others an honor and a mission.

Everything I have learned about human psyche, universal laws, spiritual practices, therapeutic techniques and psychology overall help my clients to experience a deep shift in consciousness even just within one session. 

The use of  metaphorical cards makes this work a pleasant and fun experience for my clients, who are always fascinated by this journey. They obtain great results, tune into their connection with themselves and their universe and finally grasp a bigger picture perspective. This makes them leave the session with lighthearted optimistic state.

Life does not have to be about coping with problems. Your new reality should be about finding your happiness and keeping it. 

I can show you how to get there. Let's take you back to magic! 

Here’s where it began:


I studied practical Psychology and Psychoanalysis in group therapy for many years while being dedicated to my Human Resources BA.

At the same time, I was also attending every coaching and psychology program that I could get my hands on. I was absolutely fascinated with the human mind, I craved to learn how it works and what makes us all who we are. It was an obsession, an obsession with knowledge. I was that kind of student who would travel the world for the next training, leave the classroom the last and attend the same seminars multiple times to get the most out of it.


I immersed myself so deeply in self-study that after completing training in hypnotherapy and simultaneously doing meditations, I suddenly began to understand that something strange was happening to me, something that I had not experienced before. At first it felt like heightened sensitivity and empathy to other people, but then things got much more interesting. That is when I began to have my first psychic experiences. I started channelling information that I couldn’t have any previous knowledge of. I also started to experience lucid dreaming and out of body phenomena.

I became very sensitive to the surrounding energies and it was at this time that I had my spiritual awakening. I would see, feel and know things that others wouldn't and I received visions of the future in my meditation practices. Eventually living in an overpopulated country like Hong Kong made me feel overwhelmed by the amount of hectic energy.

My psychic gifts were becoming increasingly active through this process which led me to burn out after each session and I would need to rest for 2 days. Unfortunately I had to stop practicing this kind of work due to the enormous pressure on my psyche.

That is when I decided to take a spiritual trip to Mexico where I was surrounded by hundreds of spiritually gifted people, shamans and healers. I then finally came back home where I obtained my Family Constellation certification, learned how to use metaphorical cards in therapy sessions, obtained Psychology diploma and Life Coaching Certification.


Looking back at my journey I am amazed...

It is difficult to list and put into words all the spiritual experiences i went through such as: lucid dreams, hallucinogenic experiences through meditations, consciousness-transforming experiences like chakra activation, out of the body experiences, receiving information through trance states and meditations, foreseeing the future in meditations, dreams with applicable guidance. My tireless work on myself, my own blocks and beliefs led me to extrasensory experiences.

It seemed to me that what I was experiencing was something that an absolute minority felt and that I was opening doors to parallel realities or other dimensions. It was amazing, a feeling of delight that I cannot convey in words.
Even though what was happening to me was very special, it was not what made me special. 

 Completed Accreditations: 
Diploma in Psychology, Moscow Diversified Institute of Additional Education

Certification "Family constellation in psychological consulting", Novosibirsk Institute of Clinical Psychology

Life Coaching Certification, The CPD Certification Service

Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Moscow Federal Institution of Higher Professional Education, Academy of Public Administration

Diploma in Management, Siberian Polytechnic college of secondary professional education

 Additional Education: 
Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy program,
EKAA Foundation India, Hong Kong

Psychophysiology & Practical Therapy program, YUKA (NSK, Russia)

Psychology of Orphanhood Training, Charitable Children's Fund "Sunny City"


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