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Two-Shoulder Agate Body Chain ✨Refined Magnificence✨

 $ 303 


✨ Sumptuous. Graceful. Majestic.

Introducing the ✨Refined Magnificence✨ the Two-Shoulder Agate Body Jewelry! This eye-catching piece features a stunning druzy Agate slice, placed at your throat chakra.

Feel the energy of this extraordinary gemstone as it encourages you to express your value to the universe. You truly deserve it! Carefully crafted to showcase your femininity, this exquisite jewelry will help you embrace your graceful Queen presence.

This amazing jewelry piece is super versatile - you can wear it in four different ways, perfect for switching up your looks. Let your creativity run wild and have fun styling it however you like!

The ✨Refined Magnificence✨ is expertly made with a high-quality 18k gold-plated chain, radiating a beautiful glow that complements any outfit. From a fancy day at the beach to a glamorous red carpet event, this exquisite jewelry will add a hint of opulence to your style.

But that's not all—FallFromTheStar jewelry comes in a festive package that is perfectly made for a sophisticated gift. The package includes a  a personalized affirmation note and a surprise-gift.

Send email to If you have any questions 💜

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