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5-in-1 Mirror Chakra Body Chain Transformer ✨Echo of Mystery✨

 $ 332 


✨ Ancient. Mystical. Protective.

A mirror is not just a commonly used item in our homes, but it also holds a mystical allure and is often involved in magical rituals. It is believed that a mirror's energy exists in two dimensions simultaneously. One part of it is connected to our reality, while the other is mysteriously linked to a different world. This may explain why the Eastern cultures believe in the mirror's power to reflect negativity and attract positive energy.

✨Echo of Mystery✨ delicately adorned with acrylic mirrors, meticulously positioned on your body's chakra points, they serve a special purpose. These mirrors become your faithful protectors, gracefully deflecting any negative thoughts or energy aimed at you. It's like wearing a protective shield that bounces back negative energy and enhances positivity.

It's a truly spectacular piece that can be worn as a complete set or separated into five individual accessories: a choker, a necklace, an upper body chain, a bracelet, and a belly chain. Feel empowered to flaunt this versatile transformer in two different ways—either as a stunning body chain on top of your clothes or underneath, as a secret protector.

The ✨Echo of Mystery✨ is crafted with exquisite attention to detail, this magnificent piece embodies the charm of antiquity. Shimmering in its glory, it is expertly fashioned from premium copper and zinc alloys — emulating the esteemed allure of antique silver.

But that's not all—FallFromTheStar jewelry comes in a festive package that is perfectly made for a sophisticated gift. The package includes a  a personalized affirmation note and a surprise-gift.

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