➼     what makes up your UNIQUENESS and why EACH PERSON is a SLEEPING GENIUS
      ➼     the positive side to your traumas and what unique JEWELS from YOUR TRAUMAS shape up your inner genius 
      ➼     how traumas open us up to PSYCHIC SPIRITUAL ADVANCEMENT
      ➼     how to let your SOUL'S CREATIVITY flow through balancing the polarities within
      ➼     why BALANCE is a fundamental TRAMPOLINE for your genius to shine
      ➼     how to strengthen your relationship with your INTUITION as a guiding voice of your Soul
      ➼     how to BE YOUR OWN GURU in the abundance of knowledge and gurus in this world

Is there one recipe for uncovering your inner genius potential? One way for healing or one way for success?
Of course not! And that is the whole point - each of us is so unique that  it is
impossible to find one particular answer or a 1,2,3 step process...
That is why I created this guide - to provide you with an 
abundance of perspectives for you to have a bigger picture and understand 
YOUR UNIQUE SELF in the process. Knowing yourself on a deeper level and creating an environment for your genius to come out to play is a universal and yet an individual solution for unleashing your genius! 
I will say no more for now... discover for your self 


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