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"Sunny City" is a children charitable fund that i choose to be a part of, as one of the most trustworthy, efficient and modern / forward thinking charitable organizations in Russia. 

This fund implements social programs in my home town Novosibirsk and 17 regions of Russia. 

On a daily basis, they deal with the problems of children who do not have a family, and who find themselves in a difficult life situation. Today the foundation effectively unites the efforts of many hundreds of people who participate in charitable programs and 14 projects.


Beside helping to raise money for them, i volunteer in 1 of their programs. This program helps prepare orphanage teenagers for the independent adult life. So basically each teenager without a family or any friend outside the orphan house gets a chance to have someone to help them navigate through adult life. This is a long term project that lasts years or even a whole life. 

This program fulfills my need for being helpful, useful and needed in this society. We are all social beings and literally every person on earth deep inside wishes to uplift, contribute and do something good.

There is a category of people who are not interested in my services but wish to thank me for the work i do, and would like to contribute. So for this special category of you I came up with the plan to raise money together for foster children that end up in difficult life situations without families.


No money goes through me, every dollar goes straight to the Charitable Foundation, that is also why the paying form cannot be translated to english when you click the button below and that is the reason i added the translation down below, so check it out. 

Thank you for your contribution, together we can do much more good deeds as well, as isn't it true - that when we help others we help ourselves too. 

The fund finances the work of several dozen specialists working with children in orphanages and hospitals, as well as with foster families, initiates, organizes and supports long-term programs to help children and foster families. Over the years of its existence, 30 124 children have received assistance from the foundation.

Our foundation, the only regional one, is among the top ten foundations that deal with the problems of children left without parental care. In the Rating of Fundraising Charitable NPOs in terms of partnership potential (top 100 *), our foundation is on the 36th place, which is quite high for any fund, given that there are more than 215,000 NPOs in Russia